Meet the Exec


Michael Sykes

I stumbled across this society last September and soon became addicted to all things climbing and had an amazing time with CUMS. I’m looking forward to another year of the epic trips we’ve planned!


Isaac Wheatley

I've tried most things outdoorsy, with my favourites being mountain biking and skiing. I had never really got into climbing until I joined CUMS; which soon shot mountaineering into the limelight. From there I have progressed into a mini-adventure (5ft 7in) and thus opted for a role in the exec to help fulfil other people’s passions for the great outdoors.


Alex Duxbury

I'm an experienced hiker, having hiked throughout most of the UK, but I was only introduced to climbing through CUMS and I’ve fallen in love with it. I'm looking to pass on the enjoyment that I have experienced so far to new members of the society whether experienced or brand new to the sport of climbing, hiking, or anything else we do!

Social Secretary

Charlie Evans

I haven't been climbing all that long and honestly am not that good, but as Social Secretary my main responsibility is to have fun and interact with others which I certainly am experienced with. Feel free to approach me any time (I feel I should mention I don't bite), and make sure to look out for me in my natural habitat, The Pub.

Development Officer

Rebeca Smith

I’ve been climbing for as long as I can remember and last year this society fueled my addiction for all things climbing. Which is why I chose to join the exec to continue my addiction and help encourage others, passing down my knowledge and the knowledge of other members in the society.

Gear Officer

Luke Stanmore

I'm Luke and i'm this years gear and safety officer. This means i'm responsible for keeping everyone safe while on trips and during activities. Unfortunately this also means I should be better at supplying a bio for the website but i'm a nonce and have not sent one after being bugged for the last 5 weeks so this is whats going to be there.